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Eastern Acupuncture Natural Therapy Welcome to our Auricular Medicine Center in Hoover Birmingham Al

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We Are The Expert On Chinese Acupuncture Auricular Medicine Therapy, The Holistic Complementary Functional Integrative Alternative Eastern Medicine With Natural Inner Source To Heal Your Body

Visit Our Acupuncture Community Clinic In 2104 Chapel Hill Rd Birmingham, Al 35216

Phone Numbers: (205)-527-4202

Only By Appointment Please

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Home Page

Queen Auricular Medicine reward to Dr Li Chun HuangDr Li Chun Huang Chinese Auricular Medicine rewardDr Li chun Huang was awarded the presidential medal of ItalyDr Li chun Huang received the life time achievement awards in Auricular Therapy MedicineDr Li chun Huang was awarded as the Chinese specialist by the Chinese governmentChinese president ZheMing Jiang congraulate Dr Huang for her Auricular Medicine AchievementAuricular Medicine students around the world received Dr Huang medical trainingThe president of Cuba Fidel Castro greet Dr Huang for her Auricular Medicine treatmentDr Li Chun Huang was the chief director of Auricular Medcine center in CubaDr Li Chun Huang has treated many president and prime ministers around the worldpatient received the auricular medicine treatments by Dr Li chun Huangpatient received the auricular medicine diagnosis by Dr Li chun HuangChinese traditional Gua Sha therapyChinese traditional acupuncture moxibustion therapyChinese traditional massage therapyChinese traditional cupping therapytraditional Chinese herb medicine Cordyceps Linktraditional Chinese herb glossy ganodermachinese herb angelicaancient Chinese assort herbsChinese natural magic healing herbstraditional magic healing power Chinese herb medicinecomplementary eastern traditional Chinese traditional acupuncture mustibustion therapyAcupuncture needles points treatment for headacheAuricular medicine center Dr Lu Yao office in Hoover AlabamaAuricular medicine center office waiting room in Hoover AlabamaAuricular Medicine center office hall view in Birmingham AlabamaAuricular medicine center Acupuncture patient treatment room view in Hoover AlabamaAuricular medicine center Acupuncture patient massage room view in Hoover Alabama
Licensed Acupuncturist Yao Lu, the daughter of the Auricular Medicine Dr Li Chun Huang


Complementary Alternative Functional Chinese Acupuncture Auricular Medicine Therapy Introduction To The Western Medicine





Aupuncture Auricular clinic in Birmingham Al

About Us

Dr Li Chun Huang is recognized as the world’s leading holistic functional complementary alternative eastern Auricular Acupuncture Medicine therapy expert. She has received the Recognition of Mastery and Lifetime Achievement Award at the World International Symposium on Auricular Acupuncture Therapy and Chinese Auricular Medicine. She has received a metal plaque award from the President of Italy as recognition of the series of the treatments given to him during his visits to China. Read More About licensed Acupuncturist Bio 

What is Auricular Medicine Therapy

Auricular Medicine Expert

Auricular Medicine is a scientific medical system which can diagnose and treat many different diseases of the body and the mind solely through the ears. After more than 35 years of research and practice. Dr. Li Chun Huang, an internationally renowned physician, and Dr. William S. Huang founded this unique art of healing.Ears to medical conditions of the past, present, and predict the future, of more than 200 diseases and symptoms can be diagnosed. Further, Auricular Diagnosis is based upon Embryology, Anatomy. Genetics, Immunology, Autonomic Nerves, Sympathetic and Peripheral Nerve Systems, Pathomorphology, Fluidism, Etc. Read More About Auricular Medicine Education


Auricular Medicine Center Acupuncture service rate

Acupuncture Service Rate

  • Acupuncture Initial Exam/Re-Evaluation $20
  • Chinese Cupping therapy  $30
  • Ear Reflexology  $50/30 minutes
  • Foot Reflexology  $30/30 minutes
  • Chinese Moxibustion  $30/30 minutes
  • Eastern Acupressure  $30/30 minutes
  • Auricular Acupuncture  $50/ Per Section

Read More About Our Clinic Rates

Acupuncture treatment services

Acupuncture Treatment Services

  • Andrology Treatment
  • Dermatology Treatment
  • Gynecopathy Treatment
  • Chinese Cupping Service
  • Chronicle Ache Treatment
  • Internal Diseases Treatment
  • Allergic Diseases Treatment

Read More About Our Acupuncture Services





Chinese Auricular medicine center business license in Hoover Alabama

Chinese Auricular Medicine Center Business License

Li Chun Huang Acupuncturist License in Florida state

Li Chun Huang Acupuncturist License in Florida state