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We Are The Expert On Chinese Acupuncture Auricular Medicine Therapy, The Holistic Complementary Functional Integrative Alternative Eastern Medicine With Natural Inner Source To Heal Your Body

Visit Our Acupuncture Community Clinic In 2104 Chapel Hill Rd Birmingham, Al 35216

Phone Numbers: (205)-527-4202

Only By Appointment Please

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Auricular Medicine Center Policy

Auricular Medicine Center policy



Auricular Medicine Center Policy in Birmingham, Al




Appointment Policy

We would prefer our patient give us a phone call and make a appointment with us, so we can gather some information, setup time with you, answer you some Acupuncture related questions that might concern you ,also how you gonna pay with you.


Cancellation Policy

We understand sometimes patients may not come for various of reason or want to delay the scheduled time, whatever the reason might be, please call us 12 hours ahead of the time for your respected reason, so that we could take proper decision for your behalf. If we could not serve you in time due to our busy schedule of some type of delay, we will call you in the same manner also.


Promptness Manner

If you are visited patient before, we recommend you arrived 15 minutes ahead of time to prepare whatever you need for your Acupuncture treatment such as talk to our personnel if you have any questions or fill out any follow up forms if necessary.

If you are new patient, we are strong recommend you arrived at our clinic 30 minutes ahead of our scheduled time so that you have some buffer time to fill out the various forms,taking FAQ session and so on.


Lateness Arrivals

If you are late prior to the Promptness Manner Policy described above, we would still try to give you a acupuncture treatment if our patient schedules is not tight up, if our Acupuncturist Dr felt does not have enough time to serve you in a formal way. We might have to schedule again for your next time visit.


Courtesy Manner

We required our patients keep low conversation voice to help us maintaining a great level of serenity for our clinic, please stay in your seat if necessary instead o walking around in our clinic, if you need anything, you should wave your hand to inform our staff or talk in a low voice. we also ask please watch your children for your own behalf.


Personal Belongings 

Please take your personal belongings with you all the time and keep in your eye sights, our staff is always busy with their works, therefore, we apologize that we could not watch out your personal belongings for you , and we are not responsible for any of your items loss, especially those are valuable to you.


Wear Code

We would appreciate if patient wearing loose pant and sweater for easy access to the skin of arm, leg, belly, shoulder and other parts of the body if needed for Acupuncture needles points treatment. Most of our Acupuncture treatment does not required Women to undress the clothes, if you have any concerns, please consult your respective Acupuncture Dr before you received a Acupuncture treatment.


  • Payment Policy

    We accept both check or cash, we also accept the installment payment from our respective patient, we would like to sit down with you to discuss the installment payment if your payment bill is larger than you can afford compare at one time payment.

    We also accept major credit card payment such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, And American Express.

    Any bounced checks would be subject to charge one time of penalty fee of 20$

  • Insurance Policy

    About the Insurance of how we accept, please just call us for more detail information.