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Eastern Acupuncture Natural Therapy The Alternative Auricular Medicine Therapy Dr Li Chun huang Career Bio
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Chinese Elite Auricular Medicine Acupuncturist USA Licensed Acupuncturist Profiles




chinese Auricular medicine Acupuncturist Dr li chun huang

Dr Li Chun Huang is recognized as the world’s leading holistic functional complementary alternative eastern Auricular Acupuncture Medicine therapy expert. She has received the Recognition of Mastery and Lifetime Achievement Award at the World International Symposium on Auricular Acupuncture Therapy and Chinese Auricular Medicine. She has received a metal plaque award from the President of Italy as recognition of the series of the treatments given to him during his visits to China. She led the delegation of the Chinese Acupuncturists to teach Auricular Acupuncture skills to doctors in Cuba, she has also received the Struggle Award Certificate from Cuba’s President.


The Chinese government sent her as the head of delegation to Cuba to teach the Chinese Medicine. Because of her outstanding Acupuncture expertise there, the Cuban government awarded her the National Combative Friendship Honor, which is the highest national honor, and Cuban president Fidel Castro handed the award to her personally. Upon Dr. Huang’s return to China in 1994, the Chinese government extended further recognition by awarding her the title of “National Expert” in the field of her exceptional knowledge and skills Auricular Acupuncture medicine field.


In the same year, she also represented China to teach a series of lectures about the auricular acupuncture in South Korea. ln the year 1995, several Florida acupuncture associations invited her to speak about the auricular acupuncture lecture, which later led to teaching in all other states in the U.S.A. where acupuncture is legalized by law. She also conducted many acupuncture seminars in Portugal, France, Holland, Switzerland, Russia, Canada, Brazil, and so on. She has been also giving lectures annually for the American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM).


Dr. Huang has dedicated her entire life to the field of auricular acupuncture. Her many extraordinary accomplishments showcase her sincere love to help and strong interest in the field. Her exceptional knowledge, teaching skills, and dedication to continuing research have made her highly respected by fellow practitioners of the art of the auricular acupuncture, both in China and around the world.


Dr. Huang original book Auriculotherapy Diagnosis and Treatment was first published in China in 1991. Her revised edition published in English in 1996. The original edition of this book was published in 1999. In 2001, the book of Auricular Treatment with Formulae and Prescriptions was published. There were 9 textbooks and teaching materials published in 2005, among them is the Auricular Medicine, which is the most complete and informative textbook in the area of auricular acupuncture. There are several books which have been published in Chinese also.


Dr. Huang worked in the “301” Chinese Military Hospital, the premier Government operated military hospital in Beijing, for over 35 years before coming to the United States. She was Chief Director of the Acupuncture Department of the “301” Military Hospital for more than 10 years.


She is regarded as the most superior Auricular Medicine specialist in the world, and also as one of the top acupuncturists in China. She has treated over 250,000 patients throughout the world, among them succeeding generations of the top government leaders of China, and other foreign country government officials, such as President of Italy and Cuba. Dr. Huang was honored as the top Medical Expert in her field by the Chinese Government, and is a Acupuncture consultant to many medical organizations throughout the world.


Dr. Huang is now the President of Auricular Medicine International Research & Training Center (AMIRTC), which was founded to train and certify various levels of proficiency in Auricular Medicine area, and to continue research in these areas. Dr.Li Chun Huang, together with Dr. William Huang, is now training and teaching doctors throughout the United States and Canada, and in other parts of the World for such epic Chinese traditional complementary alternative acupuncture auricular theory.


Dr. Huang, over the years, has conducted and recorded extensive research, and is the top researcher in the field of Eastern alternative Auricular Medicine. She has written and published four books on Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis and Treatment in the Chinese language, three of which have been translated into English, one into Spanish and one into Portuguese.



Sixth Military Medical Collage, Tianjin, China. 1957-1960

PLA Postgraduate Medical School, Beijing, China 1977-1982



Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz “militant friendship” medal, Cuba. 1994

National Specialist by Chinese Government 1994

Presidential Medal of Italy 1995

Life Time Achievement Award on Auricular Therapy and Auricular Medicine, Puerto Rico. 2002


Dr. Li Chun Huang Research Studies

Dr. Huang appreciates the importance of research and has participated in many pioneering projects including:

  • Clinical investigation of 84 Cases of Acne.
  • Clinical investigation of Ear Acupuncture Point Temperature Changes by Stimulation through Ear and Body Surfaces.
  • Summary of 166 Cases of Neurasthenia Using Ear Acupuncture Points.
  • Study of the Relationship between Ear Acupuncture Points, Ear Acupuncture Points Organs and Body Surfaces.
  • Clinical investigation of Cure Rates of 362 Cases of Neurasthenia Using Press Acupuncture Points.
  • Clinical investigation of Ear Acupuncture Point Responses of 53 Cases of Gastritis-Duodenal Ulcer.
  • Trends of Auricular Medicine Therapy in China.


Dr. Li Chun Huang Publications:

Ear Acupuncture point Diagnosis and Treatment Auriculotherapy Edition

Auricular Point Diagnosis and Treatment 北京科技文献出版社 1990

Auricular Treatment –Formula and Prescriptions 台湾丰圣出版社 2005

Auricular Diagnosis with Color Photo -Expanded Edition, Auricular International Research & Training Center, Florida, USA 2006

Auricular Medicine Diagnosis Techniques, Institute of Auricular Medicine, Florida, USA 2002

Auricular Medicine –The New Era of Medicine & Healing (English), Auricular International Research & Training Center, Florida, USA 2005

Textbook of Auricular Medicine Seminar I-VIII, Auricular International Research & Training Center, Florida, USA 1997

Handbook of Auricular Treatment Prescriptions & Formulae, Auricular International Research & Training Center, Florida, USA 2007

Auricular Treatment (Chinese), Auricular International Research & Training Center, Florida, USA 2001

Auricular Diagnosis – Procedures, Directions, and Methods, Auricular Medicine Center, Alabama, USA 2011


Dr. Li Chun Huang Teachings:

Basic and Advanced Ear Acupuncture point Diagnosis and Treatment

Beijing Traditional Medical College and Acupuncture College from cities of Guang Zhou ; Sheng Zhen; Quing Dao; and Xing Jiang in China.

Auricular Lectures: Improve your diagnostic skill and treatment methods with the latest auricular research findings from China


Professional Experience:

Doctor, Dept of Anesthesiology, PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China 1960-1968

Director, Dept of Acupuncture, PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China 1969-1995

Chief Director, Oriental Medicine Training Center, Cuba 1993-1994

Director, Auricular International Research & Training Center, Florida, USA 1995-2010

Professor, Pacific Chinese Traditional Medicine College, New York, USA 1997

Professor, Florida College of Integrative Medicine, Florida, USA 2000-2010

Professor, Five Branches University, California, USA 2010-present

Auricular Medicine Center, Alabama, USA 2010-present



Director, Auricular Acupuncture Committee of the China Association of Acupuncture & Moxibustion 1982

Committee, World Auricular Acupuncture Standardization Program 2010




alabama state licensed Acupuncturist Lu YaoYao Lu is a Licensed Acupuncturist in AL,USA, also a Licensed Acupuncturist in Canada, the director of Auricular Medicine Center. She graduated from Beijing Medical College, Beijing, China in 1987. She has worked in Department of Pathology in Great Wall Hospital in Beijing in the early years, and worked in Department of Medicine in McMaster University in Canada in 2000-2005. After that she moved to America and was apprenticed to her mother (Dr Li Chun Huang), a famous traditional Chinese medicine auricular acupuncture doctor.


She is a specialist in Chinese Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Auricular Medicine, Chinese Cupping therapy, Chinese Acupressure, Chinese Reflexology, Chinese moxibustion. In these years of practice, she has treated more than 5,000 patients, overcome with various conditions and diseases. She has received a great reputation among his patients with her great acupuncture skills of diagnosis and treatment.